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Random Blessings

By admin On July 30, 2014 No Comments

I was contemplating on life and its mysteries while having a latte when one of the cafe’s staff meekly approached and asked if I’m Ruffy Biazon. I confirmed his suspicion and he requested if they could have a photo with me.

I gladly agreed, as I always do with anyone who requests. We had photos taken with a cellphone that belongs to one of them. I also requested a photo using my cellphone, to have a souvenir of that moment when I was able to give a little amusement and perhaps joy to random strangers.

Ever since I first opened up my life to the public by serving, it has become a personal goal to bless others not just by material means but even simple things that will not cost me anything but cause happiness to others.

In my contemplation in

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Felipe & Sons — Treatment Fit for a Gentleman

By admin On May 1, 2014 No Comments

It’s Labor Day and I thought it timely to take my 14 year-old son for a haircut and–guess what—a shave. Yes, my son has been gifted with the blessing of a full mustache and beard at a young age, thicker than what I even have now.

I decided to bring him a new place where a gentleman can pamper himself, a place they describe as a “barberdashery”, a combination of a barber and tailor shop. I found out about the place from a friend who posted a status post about the place in his Facebook. I checked out the links and decided to try it.

He was given a sharp haircut, clean shave and a soothing massage, as I lounged in the waiting area that reminded me of a den in a home.

For the discriminating gentleman who would like to be pampered above the typical barbershop treatment but not go to a

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Gawad Ulirang Ina ng Muntinlupa 2014

By admin On April 7, 2014 No Comments

Gawad Ulirang Ina ng Muntinlupa 2014

In celebration of the Mother’s Day on May 2014, the City Government of Muntinlupa thru its Gender and Development Office (GAD) is proud to announce the launch of the first Gawad Ulirang Ina ng Muntinlupa 2014.

Gawad Ulirang Ina is aimed to give recognition and honor due to mothers who have exemplified qualities worthy of emulation by all mothers through their unconditional love for family, courage in the face of adversity and challenges, dedication and determination to their motherly duties and positive contribution to society.

The award seeks to provide lessons from the experiences of the awardees and inspire the people to do their own part not only in raising model families but in nation-building as well.

The winners of Gawad Ulirang Ina 2014 of Muntinlupa City will receive a cash prize of P20,000.00, trophies and gifts from

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