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Six Unusual Things That Happened During the Pope’s Visit

By admin On January 19, 2015 No Comments

It was an unusual event, a once in a lifetime occurrence. The last time a Pope visited the Philippines was twenty years ago. Who knows when it will happen again? So as expected, there were other unusual things brought about by this unusual event. I listed down six, although there were others which I decided to keep to myself for prudence’s sake.

See if you agree with these or if you can add more…

1. Discipline in a crowd. We’ve all been witness to the pushing, boxing-out, and rudeness whenever there’s mass congregation of people, whether it be distribution of relief goods or a concert by a foreign artist. It was a pleasant surprise to see mammoth crowds during the Pope’s visit yet everyone was behaved.

2. Goodwill among people. There was a general feeling of good vibes among the people. There was no mudslinging among politicians, most news was about the Pope’s

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Pamsy Tioseco’s Book Launch – An Insider’s Story about Senators and the Senate

By admin On January 17, 2015 No Comments

I attended the book launch of Pamsy Tioseco, who was my father’s Media Relations Officer during his 15 years in the Philippine Senate. She published a book entitled “Laughing and Loving in the Philippine Senate”, relating her experience and encounters during her 24 years of service in the institution both as a staff in the secretariat and in the offices of five senators.

As a staff occupying a sensitive post, she was working within the inner circle of senators and was privy to a lot of historical and personal happenings in the highest levels of Philippine politics and government. So she really has a lot of stories to tell. Definitely, this book has not yet covered the span of time she has gone through in that chamber.

The book is a very good read, light and casual yet very informative, authoritative and juicy. You’ll get insights and info you will not find

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Hold Your Child’s Hand

By admin On December 30, 2014 No Comments

Holding hands is one of the most expressive signs of love. It shows a deep bond between two people, a sense of belonging to one another.

These photos capture a precious moment for me, as it freezes in time the expression of love between my son and I who shares the same name with me, Rufino.

Ino is 12 years old now but when he holds my hand while we stroll in public, he still holds my hand like when he was a toddler, gripping my hand tightly, unlike some boys who are at the onset of puberty who become self-conscious about showing affection for their parents.

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