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Statement on the Ombudsman Resolution Regarding PDAF

By admin On July 2, 2015 No Comments

Since December of 2013 I have remained silent about the allegations of misuse of PDAF allocation to the district I formerly represented in Congress out of respect to the process that the complaint filed at the Ombudsman was undergoing. I subjected myself to the legal process and even went to the extent of resigning as Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs out of delicadeza to President Aquino and the general public, even if the allegations had nothing to do with my incumbent duties and responsibilities at that time. In fact, there were no outstanding issues or cases against me as Commissioner except the usual controversies stirred up by those who were hurting from the reform initiatives I was pursuing.

Now that the Ombudsman has resolved to endorse the complaint to the courts, I have decided to briefly break my silence as an obligation to those who believe in me, support me

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It’s a Hostile Environment for the Commissioner of Customs

By admin On April 23, 2015 No Comments

It’s regretful that Comm. John Sevilla resigned from the post of Customs Commissioner. Just as the reforms he was implementing were starting to be felt, take root and have momentum, there will be another leadership change in the bureau.

As I have said before, the post of commissioner is one that works in a very hostile environment. The record shows that very few commissioners have served beyond two years, some even holding the post for only a few months. The bureau’s history is rife with quick turnoversĀ of leadership, which is one of the contributors to the difficulty of having a successful customs reform.

Destabilization of a sitting commissioner, especially one who is pursuing reform, is a given especially because there are many sectors who want to preserve the status quo of the “kalakaran”. Some will move heaven and hell or spend a fortune just to remove a sitting commissioner for

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Interview About SAF 44 by Pia Hontiveros on News.PH

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Former Congressman and former Customs Commissioner was interviewed by seasoned broadcaster Pia Hontiveros regarding his views on the Mamasapano incident where 44 PNP Special Action Force members were killed in a firefight after a mission to take Zulkifli Bin Hir, a known international terrorist.

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