My Official Statement on Porsche-Riding Shooter of the BOC

By admin On February 3, 2012 Under Bureau of Customs, Governance

It makes me sad that the efforts of the Bureau of Customs to regain the trust and confidence of the People have been set back by the actions of one man. It makes me mad that a man who took an oath to serve the people instead displayed arrogance and abuse by attacking defenseless youths.

The actions of Paulino Elevado who, together with his companion Florencio Bato, chased a couple of youths through the South Luzon Expressway all the way to an establishment where they sought refuge and fired their guns toward their helpless prey, shall not be tolerated.

Mr. Elevado, an employee of the Bureau of Customs, has been relieved of his post and placed under investigation. He shall be charged with whatever offense we can find under laws and regulations that cover him as an employee of the BOC. He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, to serve as an example that his kind of behavior does not have a place in a government that is supposed to be the people’s defender and refuge.

Committing his dastardly act using a vehicle that is impossible for a government employee of his level to acquire, Mr. Elevado shall be subjected to a lifestyle check and meted the corresponding sanctions.

However, Mr. Elevado’s actions were done outside his official duties and time. Therefore, there are limitations on what the BOC can prosecute him with, which are mostly administrative. Criminally prosecuting him for his actions rests mainly on the victims, who were the recipients of his abuse. The public is assured though, that as far as the BOC is concerned, we will charge him with whatever violation that we can find under laws and regulations encompassing our agency.

I give much attention to this case because it runs smack against my efforts to reform the BOC and regain the people’s trust and confidence in the agency. It is an insult to BOC employees who share this mission with me, especially the employees who have struggled to lead clean and modest lives in the face of the temptation to live on the fast lane and benefit from corruption. On a personal note, I am also angered that personal friends of mine were victims of a person who works under my leadership.

I implore the public not to let the actuations of an individual tarnish their confidence in the institution. While there are bad eggs in our basket, there are still more employees in the BOC who adhere to the principles of good governance and serve the public sincerely. It will be unfair to those who do good to be simply lumped together with those do not represent the best of the service and together be condemned.

While we take to task those who err, let us also encourage the good to continue being good.

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  1. dennis garcia
    February 3, 2012
    7:51 am

    your words are music to our ears, commissioner ruffy…

  2. Anonymous
    February 3, 2012
    7:59 am

    I dont like Pnoy! But the best thing he did, ay ilagay kayo sa pwesto nyo ngayon! I firmly believe and hopeful na mabago nyo ang image ng BOC Sir!!!!! God bless

  3. Anonymous
    February 3, 2012
    8:17 am

    Sir Ruffy, additional info rin po,. Ang mga guard at port police naniningil din ng 50 pesos bawat isa sa trailer truck at container van, everytime na papasok ka sa pier, especially sa gate 4.. Grabe ang kita ng mga yon, lalo na cguro ang mga corrupt common employee kaya nakakabili ng luxury car..

  4. boy_aduana
    February 3, 2012
    9:46 am

    My dear Commissioner, trees has their own roots…maybe one of those roots are with you.

  5. Marlon G.
    February 3, 2012
    9:54 am

    I am not sure if the PPA is under your jurisdiction, but with the comment regarding the trailer trucks and container vans in the port area is crazy. The R2-road (Pres F. Marcos Highway) is a five (5) lane highway but trailers and trucks are occupying a lane or two for parking. Making this supposed to be “highway” a traffic congested road.

  6. Ryan
    February 3, 2012
    9:57 am

    Grabe babantayan ko itong news na ito kung ano na nangyari sa hinayupak na Elevado na yan. Dapat sir Ruffy lahat ng employee i lifestyle check ng BOC kasi may mga kakilala ako work sa BOC grabe kung bumili ng mamahalin kagamitan poh…

  7. Ferdie Cabiling
    February 3, 2012
    10:15 am

    Standing with on this one, Commissioner.

  8. Anonymous
    February 3, 2012
    10:52 am

    MABUHAY ka Comissioner! Makikibalita kami.

  9. Zaphod Beeblebrox
    February 3, 2012
    11:49 am

    Mr. Biazon,

    Mr. Elevando has been at this for some time, yet he was able to get away scot-free. Your department is one of the most corrupt in the government hierarchy. The public (meaning we) deserve to know what’s going on. I propose that everyone there gets a lifestyle check, and that you list down each division’s responsibilities and their corresponding salary level.

    Our taxes pay for a bulk of what the government is about, so at the very least we deserve to be in the know.

  10. joseph+sanchez
    February 3, 2012
    12:23 pm

    Follow this up and follow through real hard.. This should never be tolerated. kamay na bakal na dapat ito… mga walang hiyang BOC yang gumamit at bumaril.The rights of the victims were violated. Above the law…

  11. Anonymous
    February 3, 2012
    1:10 pm

    Commissioner Ruffy,

    I first dealth with the BOC at Miascor late last year as we started importing goods for our consumption and for our business. What surprised me was the number of those so-called BROKERS inside the BOC office on the second floor of that building. They are simply there standing, sitting and doing nothing (and are obviously NOT employees of the BOC) and meet almost everyone who goes into that office to transact business. When i enter the glass doors, i was immediately met by a man who said he will help me. When I asked about the procedure he sai sya na daw bahala. I insisted that he answered my question because i wanted to process the release of our goods on my own to learn how things work in that office. He once again said, ako na ang bahala boss, upo nlang muna kayo. Still i persisted that I didn’t need anyone to process the release for me, all i needed was information on how to go about it. He simply said, hanap nlang kayo ng tao sa mga office sir, swertehan kung haharapin kayo ng mga yan. Irked by that statement, i proceeded to talk to an EMPLOYEE, i assumed because he was dressed in barong and asked how to process the release, he simply pointed me back to those pesky “fixers”, ill call them that because thats how they acted, and said doon ka sa kanila paturo. I was flabergasted at the actuation of a BOC employee pointing me to people who WERE not employees to help me out. I then proceeded to go out of that office and looked for the guard. When I found one i asked where the INFORMATION booth/office was, he simply said WALANG GANYAN DITO BOSS. I asked the guard again who i can asked about procedures on how to release my carge, he pointed me again to those pesky fixers.

    Since the goods we imported wasn’t really that big and basically was a test import, we opted to just let those be and charge them to experience.

    I now wonder whether we, those who import goods legally, will have to talk to those “fixers” before we can release our goods? Is that how things are in the BOC – Miascor?

    I know you to be an upright person as I have known you even before you where still in Congress and we had a mutual hobby. Please do something about MIASCOR. Please do something about those ‘BROKERS(?)/FIXERS” or whatever they may be called. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LOITTERING AROUND THE BOC OFFICE. If they are legitimate brokers, they must have an office and they should stay there, or if they are allowed to be at the BOC office, PLEASE HAVE THEM STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE and not in the BOC office on the second floor.

    I really hope i will no longer see those people the next time we process the release of our cargo.

    Thank you and good luck on such a challenging task of cleaning up the BOC.

    PS by the way, about that porsche riding RANK AND FILE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. It is very obvious there is abuse. Please cut his head off, and those like him under your office. I’d hate to see you take the blame for what those people do, but then again if they continue their abuse then you will have to be blamed for it.

    • Gianne Ramos
      February 4, 2012
      12:50 am

      You encountered Miascor also? Our company almost became a ‘victim’ of Miascor. For a 1kg. Package,a sample product from our supplier, would cost us to 10,000 pesos. Gosh! What we did is ask our supplier to reshipped it thru Fedex or UPS. Miascor is so corrupt. Mr. Commissioner, please keep an eye on this crocs inside Customs please. Thanks!

  12. thincrust88
    February 3, 2012
    1:13 pm

    Lifestyle check on ALL BOC employees. Hoping this is really possible.

    And for those who would be found guilty of amassing wealth, of extortion, etc. (at least those caught red-handed), can you please come up with a “shame campaign”?

    Thank you. Good luck!

    • Lee Mendoza
      February 9, 2012
      8:41 am

      Dapat talaga i lifestyle check yong mga employees ng BOC. Merong mga employees dito sa BOC office sa Cagayan de Oro City na nag-charge ng overtime pay “for extra services” rendered daw, eh di mo man lang nakikita. Makita mo na lang sila kung 30th of the month na. Are these people receiving regular salaries from the government? Mas malaki pa nga akong “overtime” charges nila kesa salaries namin na nandidito na sa company for more than twenty years. I wish Sir Ruffy will investigate this one. Para matanggal ang mga benepisyo ng mga taong ito.

  13. Gio Bacareza
    February 3, 2012
    2:45 pm

    punish the guilty commissioner. transform the words you say here into clear action. and I will believe you coz I’m jaded. But I commend you for publishing what you intend to do. That’s a crucial first step.

  14. gerry
    February 3, 2012
    3:42 pm

    Actions please sir, not just words.

    • Dangal!
      February 4, 2012
      2:16 am

      How come the BOC is not aware the their employees have pending cases? And yet you continue to claim that the BOC has changed. I do pray that you clean up your acts their and hopefully you include in your mission to train all BOC employees to be polite and helpful! Madami rin assessors dyan sa BOC na wlang alam kung anong item product and nasa harap nila and they charged importers with the wrong tariff para instead ng magbayad ng tama, maglagay nalang sa kanila yung importer.

      • Lee Mendoza
        February 9, 2012
        8:35 am

        We have a different pictures here in Cagayan de Oro City, some customs employees are engaging in “payolas” in our company. Naku! Malalaki pa ang sinasabi nilang “overtime” daw for extra service rendered na kahit may office kuno sila inside our plant’s premise di man lang binibisita. Puro alikabok ang laman. Noong di pa Presidente is Pnoy, dalawa lang yata ang namimipeste sa aming mga customs employees. Ng maging presidente si Pnoy naging tuwid ang daan nitong mga customs employees na harap-harapang pumupunta sa office para kumobra sa mga “payola” nila. I wonder if these people are being paid right by our government? Mas malaki pa nga ang mga payola nila sa aming mga employees na nandidito sa company for more than 20 years. Please, pakitulong naman hanapin ang tamang daan.

  15. Ali Aslanbaigi
    February 3, 2012
    5:18 pm

    That’s funny considering the customs guys at NAIA 3 are the most rude and retarded people I’ve ever met. You better check your basket of eggs again, sir.

  16. Ali Aslanbaigi
    February 3, 2012
    5:19 pm

    But what Gio said, yeah that’s the first step and one helluva first step. good on you <3

  17. Fed up guy
    February 3, 2012
    6:59 pm

    How long has he been employed in BOC to actually save up and afford a porsche?! C’mon, we’re not dumb. It’s impossible that top management or people in BOC doesn’t know about this. Are you really gonna fry this Paulino Elevado? I’m sure a lot of people are scared that if that happens, he’ll bring everyone down with him.

    Mr. Ruffy Biazon, what do you have to say to this?

  18. suplada
    February 3, 2012
    9:11 pm

    Mr. Biazon, just out of curiosity, were you friends with the victims/parents of the victims?

  19. Progressive Thinking Pinoy
    February 3, 2012
    9:25 pm

    Mr. Biazon, if you really are serious about eradicating Customs of these alligators, I hope you are ready to do an Eliot Ness and really remove these “Untouchables”. For all you know, the one acting as your friend there are the ones playing monkeys behind your back. To really get rid of corruption there, PLEASE INSTALL CCTV IN ALL OFFICES THERE AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS ACCESS TO THE CONTROL ROOM SO YOU CAN WATCH AND MONITOR THESE ALLIGATORS IN THEIR DAY RACKETEERING SCHEME BEHIND YOUR BACK.

  20. Gianne Ramos
    February 4, 2012
    12:42 am

    Very well said Mr. Biazon! May God bless you more!

  21. Dangal!
    February 4, 2012
    2:25 am

    I hope the victim/s pursue this further and charge the SOB with appropriate cases.

    To the PNP, I think you have sufficient proof to file criminal charges for illegal possession of firearms or at least traffic violations………unless kasabwat KYO!

  22. John paximo oliveros
    February 4, 2012
    7:57 am

    Custom , not all , but generally mga EPAL kayo! ….. Put less words and more ACTION…lifestyle check, what a BULL! …prove us wrong , you devils in sheep clothing ….

  23. grabe na to
    February 4, 2012
    9:14 am

    ano na po ang nangyari sa kaso ni jose yuchongco? tinangal na sya ng ombudsman tapos ibinalik uli ni merceditas gutierez, corrupt itong tao na ito, tingnan nyo naman kung saan nakatira at kung anong mga sasakyan, tapos ang lakas pang mag-sabong katunayan sya ang mayari ng sabungan sa oas albay sa bicol, pero kunyari naka pangalan sa anak nya, ang nakakapagtaka napropromote pa, tapos ang dami syang kamaganak na ipinasok sa custong este custom, isang kapatid at apat na pamangkin.

    • kilala ko yan
      February 4, 2012
      9:23 am


  24. Anonymous
    February 4, 2012
    10:30 am

    Mr. Biazon, don’t be naive! You want to know how endemic corruption is at BOC, do a lifestyle check of ALL present and past emoyees. You don’t even have to do it ….just get BIR to do it….Sama na din mga BIR empmoyees on the lifestyle check!!

  25. Another Juan Dela Cruz
    February 4, 2012
    11:21 am

    Sana lang i-expose ang result ng investigation at ng case nitong T#@$tadong unga$ na to’ Ang problem ang news sa umpisa lang eventually wala ng follow up dimo tuloy alam kung anu na ba talga ang nangyari sa kaso.

    Dapat sa mga ito eh i-post ang mga picture sa loob sa BOC or sa lahat ng port para hinde parisan ng iba pang government employee sa bansa.

  26. concerned citizen
    February 4, 2012
    12:21 pm

    Yung kapitbahay namin dito sa Project 6, customs clerk lang 2 ang oto! Ang aangas pa magparada!

    Yung isang mid-level officer ng customs na nakatira sa Las Pinas sa likod ng Perpetual, sa daanan nang friendship route papuntang casimiro, ang laki ng bahay at 4 ang SUV!

    February 4, 2012
    3:17 pm

    we do admire your advocacy, but we all know what happens to cases like this.. you better check your basket of eggs again sir, they’re rotten already.. kunulayan lang na parang itlog na pula but is stinking big time, ang daming evidences sir oh? it says here.. YOU SAY IT AS YOU SEE IT? what if you don’t see it? or refused to see? what if you know it but you don’t see it? haaay.. people die every day coz of poverty and sickness they can’t afford to have. it’s so sad to “see” people like Paulino. you represent this gov. agency, you cannot help the people associate you with this. better get a MAGNIFYING GLASS sir baka makatulong yun sa pag “see” mo. Goodluck and Godbless.

  28. ninjaone perez
    February 4, 2012
    5:09 pm

    Thank you for letting us know that you can only do so much. But I much saddened that to hear the news that Elevado is nowhere to be found! And what is it we can do that after two extortion cases filed against him last year, he is still roaming freely and can actually have the power to continue what he was being accused of, and also be free to get back at his accusers? Thank you for getting to this.

  29. Frank
    February 4, 2012
    8:14 pm

    Ruffy, people who have something to hide because of nefarious activities (especially those who are employed in or connected to the government agency, or they simply just would want to put their resources beyond he reach of authorities and creditors) register their property in someone else`s name or dummies.

    But there is an avenue to get even with these crooks through careful investigation and collecting evidence that they are the BENEFICIAL OWNERS of the property. I happen to know this as I deliver courses in Advanced Investigation as well as in Federal Legislation and Prosecution for over 20 years at a Canadian Federal Agency.

    Please listen to those who experienced first hand THE FIXERS to help you fix the bureau.

  30. Noel Carpio
    February 4, 2012
    8:56 pm


    Your efforts have many contributions to us and to the BOC. It makes a lot of difference. Just keep doing what is right and we shall support you in every feat.

  31. H.R
    February 5, 2012
    1:42 am

    I hope you handle your extorters at customs. I sent a package to my sister from the US. I paid the duties prior to sending it via FedEx but those low lives at customs wouldn’t release it unless my sister paid more ‘duties’ As my sister really needed the package, she paid 5k and no receipt was given. When she got home, the boxes of candy bars I included in the package were opened with several candy bars missing. those low lives at customs clearly helped themselves to a good number of candy bars. And I’ve read accounts similar to what happened to us happening to a lot of people. Fix the Boc. Clear the scum out!

  32. Noel Carpio
    February 6, 2012
    9:54 pm


    Since you already had the guy’s lifestyle checked, why not the WHOLE department! This is your chance. Your excuse. Imagine how the fellow-alligators would feel about his screw-up?

  33. Ramon
    February 8, 2012
    4:20 am

    Mr. Biazon, I am strongly hoping that you stand firm on your conviction. This Elevado guy deserves his days in court but all indications clearly shows that he is guilty. I am looking forward to the day when this guy is behind bars not only because he is guilty but also you made the consistent effort that he gets what he deserves. Your bureau can lead the way in eliminating these kind of public servants. Please allow me to CONGRATULATE you in advance. The ordinary Filipino tax payers deserve a leader like YOU.

  34. kaka
    February 11, 2012
    1:34 am

    Dear Mr. Biazon,

    I’m a former Filipino now living in Singapore but loves to see a better Philippines. You might know that in Singapore there is practically no corruption. One thing that I have observed here that I think is one of the tools that they are using in ensuring that corruption will not thrive in any government offices, is the effective use of modern information technology. Most processes and services are done thru human-to-machine interaction. Whenever possible, human-to-human interaction is avoided. This greatly eliminates man-to-man negotiations and therefore destroys the channel of graft and corruption.

    If I may suggest, please consider to form a team of IT experts and study how most of the processes and services can be automated. I believe that an IT-enabled process can help to considerably minimize the chances of graft and corruption.

    And to the readers of this blog, each of us can contribute for a better Philippines, by being a better person, by being NOT an instrument of graft and corruption. Sa ating mga Pinoy, madalas pag nahuli tayo ng pulis halimbawa dahil sa traffic violation, ang tendency ay mag lagay para makaiwas sa abala. Alam nyo ba na in this little things, we are already becoming an agent and a participant in the system of graft and corruption? Let’s change ourselves, we cannot change others. The change must start from within us individually.

    Salamat po at mabuhay po tayong lahat.

  35. "naiinis"
    March 27, 2012
    1:44 pm

    Marami talagang buwaya sa Bureau of Customs pero in fairness i know of some na may prinsipyo pang taglay di nga lang makatanggi sa nakakataas sa kanila ..at least di pa sila kinakain ng sistema.Ok lang yung mga 20 ,50,100 pesoa na pambigay sa talagang dinadaanan at pumipirma sa mga dokumento/entries..ang malulupit ay yung sangkaterbang “agents ng ESS at CIIS (mga 6 to 10 na grupo),,RATS,RCMG,at marami pang nagsuslputan na grupo na namemera…sa umpisa magpapadala ng mga “love letters”dapat magpakita ang nagpoproseso kung hindi walang katapusan na hanapan ang mangyayari o sa susunod na parating ay mananakot at pepending sa proseso.Komo nasanay sila sa malalaking bigay ng mga “players”na nagpaparating ng dan daan containers na napakaliit ng tax na binabayaran,nagpapatalon ng mga entry at iba ang laman sa nakadeklara.Mabuti nga sana kung lahat pantay pantay ang pagtrato ng Customs d yun iba ang tinititigan sa tinitignan..cge diretso lahat ang trabaho pantay pantay na lang lahat ang naglalabas duyan sa Customs
    Anu kaya ang mangyayari sa Customs sa panahon ni PNOY?at lalo anu mangyayari pag iba na ang Presidente.?????

  36. Lee Mendoza
    March 27, 2012
    2:04 pm

    Is this site still active? Bunganga tayo ng bunganga dito wala naman nangyayari. Ni ha , ni ho. Baka bogus tong site na ito just to ploy out that BOC bigwigs are doing something. Mas mabuti pa ang mga Tulfo Brothers dito action kaagad.

  37. Hilda
    May 29, 2012
    4:05 pm

    Nalimutan na ito…balik sa dating gawi Paulino Elevado, mag-report ka na uli sa amo mong buwaya na katulad mo punyeta ka!!!!

  38. David
    May 30, 2012
    7:10 pm

    You failed to do great exploits, Mr. Biazon.

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